When You Teach at a Catholic School

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ISBN: 9780867165753

ISBN: 9780867165753

by Judith Dunlap

Teachers in Catholic schools are called to do more than instruct in a particular subject area. You are called to witness to the Catholic faith and to ready your students to be socially active and responsible, moral, literate, and to reflect Christian values in daily life in and out of the classroom. How do you do this while teaching high school physics or primary language arts or middle-grades social studies? How do you pass on the faith in a Catholic school if you're not a Catholic yourself? Veteran religious educator Judith Dunlap answers these questions and more in When You Teach in a Catholic School. Dunlap provides inspiration and practical tips for teachers who want to share their faith in the classroom and school environment. This valuable resource offers fresh insight into the ministry of teaching for teachers, school staff and administration, and parent-teacher organizations.

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