Faith & Life Grade 7: The Life of Grace - Student Text

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Author: Ignatius Press
Binding: Paperback


Grace as our link with God, his gift to us to bring us to Himself and his eternal life, with an emphasis on transmission of grace through the seven sacraments and on God's loving gifts of revelation, of himself through the prophets, the Incarnation, and the Church. The role of grace in developing the virtues.


  • Part 1: God Reveals Himself. The revelation of God through creation, the prophets, and to the chosen people.
  • Part 2: God becomes Man. Jesus, true God and true Man, Priest and Sacrifice.
  • Part 3: God Shares His Life. The operation of grace in our lives, in developing the virtues especially through each sacrament.


To help seventh-grade students treasure the sacraments as indispensable to a full Christian life of love and truth. To understand how grace works and its relation to practicing the virtues, and to appreciate our gifts of reason and faith.