ENCOUNTER the SAINTS #03 St Elizabeth Ann Seton: Daughter of America

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ISBN: 9780819870223

ISBN: 9780819870223

byJeanne Marie Grunwell

Elizabeth Ann Bayley was born in New York City on August 28, 1774. Her father, Richard Bayley, was a well-known doctor. Her mother, Catherine, died when Elizabeth was just three years old. In 1794, Elizabeth married William Seton. Elizabeth, William, and their five children had a happy life together. Elizabeth devoted her time to her family, to helping others, and to prayer. But then her father, whom she loved very much, died. Then her father-in-law also died, and the Seton fortune quickly dwindled. Next Elizabeth's husband Will became sick and also died in 1803. In her grief, Elizabeth prayed, "My God, I am alone in the world with you and my little ones. But you are my Father and doubly theirs." Elizabeth was consoled by the Felicchi family who were Catholics and in 1805 became a Catholic herself. A few years later, Elizabeth was asked to come and open a girls' school in Baltimore. It was there that Elizabeth decided to live as a religious sister, eventually founding the Sisters of Charity. Besides founding many Catholic schools, she also opened orphanages. She even made plans for a hospital, which was built after her death. She is the first US-born citizen to be declared a saint.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton: Daughter of America captures the mystery of how God's love and call unfold all throughout our life. Children will learn powerful lessons about faith, trust in God, and courage in serving others.

Recommended for ages 8 – 12.