INCENSE Three Kings #19 PONTIFICAL 500 gram BOX

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SKU: 805054

SKU: 805054

Three Kings Pontifical Blend Incense, Black & gold colored mixture as preferred by the Vatican 500gram box.

Three Kings IncenseThree Kings incense is made of the best natural resins from all over the world. To burn Three Kings incense a separate heat source (like our natural or quick light charcoal tablets) is needed. This incense is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies. Some cultures use incense to welcome guests or to clean the houses from bad spirits. The main ingredient of incense is Olibanum or Frankincense. Olibanum is taken from the Boswellia tree that grows on the Eastern tip of Africa. The milky juice from the tree dries out into grains. Bark residue can cause a light-yellow color. The grains are washed in natural oil and can be mixed with other incense types, resins and substances such as sandalwood, myrrh, benjoin and lavender.

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