Forming Generous Hearts: Stewardship Planning For Lifelong Faith Formation

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ISBN 9781585956425

Author: Leisa Anslinger & Victoria Shepp
Binding: Paperback

Conversion, discipleship, stewardship. Leisa Anslinger and Vikki Shepp believe that these three giants of parish life are essential components of a vibrant parish.

They provide seven indispensable principles to guide pastoral leaders as they seek to transform their parishes into places where people embrace and live Christian discipleship. These principles are rooted in the wisdom of the Church and reflect years of pastoral experience, their own and that of many other pastoral leaders across the country. They draw too on extensive research done by the Gallup Organization to establish what kinds of parishes have the most involved and generous parishioners. This is an excellent planning tool for all pastors, parish teams, stewardship teams, and parish ministers.

144 pages