Faith & Life Grade 4: Jesus Our Guide - Student Text

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Author: Ignatius Press
Binding: Paperback

God's plan to save his people from sin (Salvation History), how we participate in that plan, and the many ways God helps us in our pilgrimage on earth to Heaven through his word, his law, and his Church.


  • B.C. Before Christ
    Ch. 1-14: The fall and the first murder. The sin and suffering of mankind. God chooses his people and their leaders.
  • A.D. In the Year of Our Lord
    Ch. 15-30: History changes when Jesus the King comes. Through grace, especially in the sacraments, we receive the strength to do good.


To help fourth-grade students understand their purpose and goal in life, and to see God's plan in history and society to lead us all to Heaven, our true, eternal home.