Bible Arts & Crafts

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Author: Kathryn Nider Wolf
Binding: Paperback

Teach traditional Catholic beliefs through crafts that enrich each Bible story. With defined learning objectives, these teaching activities are educationally sound, developmentally appropriate, and fun for youngsters as they discover their faith heritage. Teachers and parents will find lists of materials, easy-to-follow directions, and lots of guidance in creating meaningful learning activities grounded in Catholic tradition.

Ideal for classrooms, groups settings, and families, activities include:

  • The Great Flood Noah's Ark Mobile
  • Moses on Mt. Sinai Ten Commandments Cookies
  • Fight from Egypt "Let My People Go!" Bumper Sticker
  • The Annunciation Coffee Filter Angel
  • Jesus is Baptized Holy Spirit Door Hanger
  • The Last Supper Cup of Wine Mosaic
  • Pentecost Chalk-stenciled Doves

Old and New Testament stories highlight God's commandments and covenants. Teacher notes offer age-appropriate activity variations as well as insight into cognitive abilities and emotional understanding at different age levels. Thematic art ideas stimulate discussion of the Scripture both in the classroom and at home.

96 pages