CD OMER WESTENDORF - Latin High Mass for Nostalgic Catholics

Price: $24.00

BARCODE: 641151022802

Composer Omer Westendorf and the Bonaventure Choir

A tribute to the music of Catholic heritage. Includes common chants of the Mass and some beloved songs such as Panis Angelicus and Ave Maria.

  1. Introit: Dues Israel
  2. Kyrie: Mass in G, Casali
  3. Gloria: Mass in G, Casali
  4. Collect
  5. Epistle: Ephesians 5:22-33
  6. Gradual: Uxor Tua
  7. Gospel: Matthew 19:3-6
  8. Offertory: In Te Speravi
  9. Ave Maria, Schubert
  10. Preface
  11. Sanctus-Benedictus: Mass in G, Casali
  12. Pater Noster
  13. Agnus Dei: Mass in G Casali
  14. Communion: Ecce sic Benedicetur
  15. Panis Angelicus, Franck
  16. Post Communion
  17. Ite Missa Est
  18. Organ Recessional: Toccata, Symphonie V, Widor