Instruments at Prayer, Vol. 2

Price: $24.00

Author: David Haas
Binding: CD

Instruments at Prayer is an assortment of David Haas’s most beloved liturgical music interpreted instrumentally by the amazing musical talents of Kate Cuddy, Paul Tate, Bobby Fisher, Eileen Bird, Stephen Petrunak, and Zach Stachowski. These medita- tive, soulful arrangements transcend the words, transporting their message on sonorous wings straight to the heart.  It is David’s sincere hope that you will find this recording to be a source of reflec- tion, prayer, and enjoyment. 

1. Come and Journey with Me
2. In God Alone
3. Send Us Your Spirit
4. Table Song
5. As Water To the Thirsty
6. Blest Are They
7. We Are God's People
8. Increase Our Faith
9. He Healed the Darkness of My Mind
10. Throughout All Time
11. My Soul Is Still
12. We Have Been Told
13. The Peace of God
14. We Are One in the Lord