Cranium Bible Edition

Price: $39.00

EAN: 830938007198

Cranium Bible Edition brings you the same brain-flexing fun as the original version. Compete against other teams and test your biblical knowledge while performing in four challenge categories. In Star Performer, whistle a song or impersonate a character from the Bible. In Word Worm, unscramble words or perform spelling challenges. In Data Head, answer Bible-based trivia questions. And in Creative Cat, draw, sculpt or act out clues for your teammates to guess. Roll the die to determine your challenge category and show off your Bible knowledge. You win the game when your team reaches Cranium Central and completes the final challenge.


  • 3-in-1 Fold-out game board lets you choose how long you play
  • Great party game for 4 or more players!


  • Clever 3-in-1 game board
  • 600 Cards
  • 10-Sided die
  • Tub of Cranium clay
  • Timer
  • 4 Movers
  • Notepads

For Adults and Teens