Foundations in Faith - Catechist Manual - Year B

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Author: RCL Benziger
Binding: Paperback

Manual for Year B ONLY

The Catechist's Manual is a resource to help catechists involved in the Rite of Initiation of Adults as they prepare to lead sessions with catechumenates, candidates, and their sponsors during the period of the catechumenate. It is the result of a collaborative effort by seven writers, all of whom have had extensive experience in various pastoral settings implementing the Rite. While this manual is intended primarily for catechists, it could conceivably be used also by homilists, especially those who are preaching to an assembly that is home to a catechetical group. Catechists who us this manual will find that in the Foundations in Faith series there is a corresponding resource for catechumens  and candidates and their sponsors: the participant book to be used in conjunction with it.

This resource is based on the Liturgy of the Word celebrated at Sunday Mass, because the initiation process, as revised by the Second Vatican Council, clearly mandates that catechesis be wedded to the Word of God, experienced in the Sunday liturgy and the seasons of the Church year. Catechumens and candidates become more familiar with the Christian way of life in the midst of the community of the Church which proclaims, celebrates, and reflects upon the Gospel. By encountering the word proclaimed int he community of faith, they truly meet the Word who is Christ. The community also assist them in performing those acts of service and apostolic witness that show they take to heart the word they hear (RCIA 75-89)

304 pages