Rebuilt: The Story of a Catholic Parish: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter

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Author: Michael White
Binding: Paperback

Our parish wasn't working, said the leaders of a Catholic church in Maryland. They didn't know how to fix it. Drawing on the wisdom gleaned from thriving mega-churches and innovative business leaders while anchoring their vision in the Eucharistic centre of Catholic faith, Fr. Michael White and lay associate Tom Corcoran present the compelling and inspiring story to how they brought their parish back to life.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction: Convenient Parking
  • Part I. Naming the Problem
  • 1. Church Is Not Easy
  • 2. Pharisees at Heart
  • Part II. Finding a Way Forward
  • 3. Lost People in Churchworld
  • 4. War in Heaven
  • 5. Pretty Churches and Other Lies
  • Part III. Developing the Strategy
  • 6. Its the Weekend, Stupid!
  • 7. Mobilize the Next Generation
  • 8. Make the Message Matter
  • 9. Build from Below
  • 10. Don't Rob God
  • 11. Get the Parish Out of the Pews
  • 12. Be Restorers
  • 13. Fall in Love
  • 14. Lead Where You Serve
  • 15. You Can Do This!
  • Appendix A. A Detailed Example of Changing Our Culture
  • Appendix B. A Few of the (Many) Things We Still Don't Know
  • Appendix C. Naming the Change: Mission, Vision, and Strategy
  • Notes.

292 pages