#33 St. Thomas More: Courage, Conscience and the King

Price: $13.00

ISBN: 9780819890214

Capturing a glimpse into the life of a Catholic torn between his faith and duty to his country, this 33rd volume in the Encounter the Saints series familiarizes children ages 8 – 12 with the life story of Saint Thomas More.

Happy in his vocation as a husband, father, and lawyer, Thomas More never expected King Henry VIII to name him the Lord High Chancellor of England. Thomas was the king's most trusted and loyal servant. But when he was forced to choose between high office and what he knew was right, Thomas held on to his Catholic faith. Today, Thomas More's example of courage and conscience continues to inspire all who face the pressures of having to make a difficult - and costly - choice.

Saint Thomas More is a timely example for young people in the current culture that is often contrary to the teachings of the Church. With his assistance, children will be inspired and encouraged to stand up for their faith in all situations, regardless of the sacrifice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Relevant to the current cultural climate
  • Offers an example of standing up for the faith
  • Includes black and white illustrations
  • Contains a prayer, pronunciation aid, and a glossary
  • Terrific for classroom or home use
  • Invaluable for libraries