Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation, New! Version 2.0, Study Kit

Price: $49.00

Author: Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer and Tim Gray
Binding: Kit

The Bible Timeline Study Kit provides the home study component of The Bible Timeline. Each lesson should be concluded with the corresponding lecture from the DVD or CD series, which contains expert commentary presented by Jeff Cavins.

The Bible Timeline Study Kit includes:

  • Study Set: Questions and Responses
    An in-depth, 176-page set of Study Questions (including maps, charts, tables and note-pages) with a corresponding 88-page set of Responses provides you with a guide for your reading and Scripture study.
  • Bible Timeline Chart
    A 33” full-color chart provides a visual overview of the books of the Bible. It allows you to track the growth of God’s family from Creation to the establishment of the Church and see Bible history in context of world events.
  • Bible Timeline Bookmark
    A full-color bookmark provides the significance for the color assigned to each time period and serves as a reference tool to mark your place in your Bible.