The Boys of St Paul's Choir School: Christmas in Harvard Square CD

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Author: Boys of St Paul's Choir School
Binding: CD

Saint Paul's Choir School at Saint Paul Church, Cambridge, a musically intensive, academically rigorous Catholic day school for boys in grades four through eight, strives to engage young men in the development of their intellectual and musical talents and to inspire them to use their gifts for the greater glory of God and in service to his people.The school seeks to develop the diverse musical talents of each boy so that he may use his musical gifts for the greater glory of God, enriching the liturgical services at Saint Paul Church and serving the community at large by the performance of master works of choral literature.Caring, dedicated teachers who model Christian values strive in a small and personal school community to foster the moral, ethical, and spiritual growth of each student in order to define his relationship to God, to encourage a genuine understanding and respect of others, and to develop a strong sense of commitment and service to both individuals and communities.