A Special Place For Santa: A Legend For Our Time

Price: $12.00

Author: Jeanne Pieper
Binding: Hardcover

This beautiful book by Jeanne Pieper tells the story of Santa Claus and explains Santa's importance at Christmas. The cover is Christmas red with the title in gold letters. There is a picture of Santa kneeling beside the baby Jesus. This picture is outlined in gold. The story is brief and written and illustrated so that as you read it to your children they will understand the meaning. This book is sure to become a treasure in your family.

The book is about a brief history of legends surrounding St. Nicholas, leading to his modern counterpart, Santa Claus, who pays tribute to the birth of Christ on Christmas.

In today's society it can be very difficult to reconcile the world's obsession of Santa Claus / Father Christmas with the story of Jesus. How do we allow our children to enjoy Christmas as their minds are filled with images of the secular world's version of what it is all about. This book will help build a bridge in young minds from what the World sees as Christmas, to what Christians see as Christmas and shows how Santa pays homage to young Jesus.